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David Norris is one of America’s most talented coaches. I highly recommend his work.
~ Jim Britt, Tony Robbins first mentor, Grass Valley, CA


When I came across David Norris, I knew I had found one of the elite coaches in the country.
~ Jim Lutes, Mind Expert, San Diego, CA


A highly competent, talented executive leader. Dave's team is lucky to have him, as are his clients and partners. As a leader, Dave exemplifies many critical traits, but the one I personally enjoy and benefit from the most is his ability and strength to encourage without even trying. If you don't feel stronger and better after spending time with Dave, then you need to get on medication.
~ Andy Roller, Founder/ Owner | Expio, Fort Worth, Texas


David Norris is to executives what Bill Belichick is to the Patriots. He sees the potential in people and has an uncanny ability to draw that potential out. I am a better version of myself for having worked with David.
~ Eric Smith, President, The Pillar Seminary, Omaha, NE.


After one year of coaching with David, my attitude about myself, my business development has really matured.  Since starting with David my main business has grown from 3 fulltime employees as a small $3M Oil & Gas deal shop to 10+ employees and a $200M Private Equity Commitment.  Obviously, several coaching sessions were dedicated to leading our team through this over the last year. Having a Leadership Coach like David has been a necessity to lead in capacities that I have never had to lead in.
~ J.D. Smith, CEO, Petrolima, LLC, Midland, Texas.


David Norris' exceptional coaching, relentless enthusiasm and encouragement helped me to create a vision for my life and to, "Chart My Course". Many of my dreams have been realized and it's exciting to see the others unfolding as well!
~ Gayla Callaway Broyles, Personal Growth and Dream Builder client, Amarillo, Texas


You could benefit from David Norris’ classes and personal coaching if... You are successful in your career or profession but want to soar even higher. You are at a crossroad in your life and are unsure which way to turn. You are considering giving back to your community, church or service club through committed leadership, giving and personal service. You are down on your luck and need a boost in your self-confidence to find a new job or career later in life. You need guidance or introspective exploration to find the right buttons to push in your inner self to discover new ways to motivate yourself. You want to learn more about creative thinking and problem-solving in your career and personal life. You have retired, but feel as though you still have more to give and more to do in life before you “cash in”. I personally benefitted from his teaching and coaching after semiretirement. I have since embarked upon a new direction in international travel medicine. I have known Mr. Norris for more than 25 years and consider him to be of excellent character...the kind of man that you can trust with your most confidential thoughts while seeking professional guidance.
~ Dennis L. Canon, M.D., Semi-retired Family Physician, Potter-Randall Counties, Texas


After one year of coaching and mentorship with David Norris my life perspective has been changed like never before. His coaching and ability to help you connect with your true purpose is unlike anyone I have encountered. He guided me through a major career transition and provided the guidance to focus and view opportunities I never thought possible. He is not only a great friend but also a lifetime mentor.
~ Jonathan McCloud, Sales Executive, DXC Technology, Plano, Texas


Dave Norris inspired greatness in me. His most sage advice was when I was in the depths of a tough career change amidst personal turbulence. He told me empathetically and emphatically that my current state does not define me as a person, and "It is only a situation. You will overcome it." I held onto his advice and persisted, taking shot after shot, until finally, I broke through my hurdles and achieved a massive career-making win in the last 30 days. He stuck with me over the last 4 years of professional hard work teaching me that my battles are won within. 
~ Blake Mendez, CleanCo Energie, Inc., Amarillo, Texas

I have known David Norris personally since August of 1972. We were students together at Texas A&M University. David ran track, and was in the Corps of Cadets. Combining the rigors of athletic training and the discipline of the Corps of Cadets, while being a student at a leading university may be one of the toughest things a young person can do. It involves sacrifice, a code of honor, and the commitment to find the strength, attitude, patience and effort to complete a very tough four year decision. David not only completed the mission, he excelled achieving the position of a major unit commander, and was a member of the Ross Volunteers, the honor guard for the Governor of Texas--the oldest student organization in the state of Texas. Choosing the route he took in school meant he had to learn humility, perseverance, commitment, and to choose to stand by the right no matter the cost, and the wisdom to live his life to a higher standard. David made the choice to build his life on enduring principles. I have seen him at the lowest and highest points of his life, and he never quit, he never refused to honor a commitment, and what he has to share cannot be learned solely from a textbook--it comes from a life well-lived. I cannot give a higher recommendation. David Norris is as fine as they come.
~ Steve Taylor – NewTek Business Services Corp. Garland, Texas

Mr. Norris has been a constant in my growth as an entrepreneur and more importantly, as a man that’s just trying to find balance. His perspective, counsel and friendship have meant the world to me. If you are looking to find that missing link in any aspect of your life, David’s coaching/ perspective can get you there. ~ Chad L. Crady, Director at Critical Dynamics, LLC

I worked with David for several years and confidently recommend him as a value-add leadership coach and business consultant. As a business owner, you can reap the rewards by taking a look in the mirror and working on yourself and your business that will definitely impact your bottom line and productivity. Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of risk-takers who confidently buck the trend and this bravado can also create a blind-side and lead to a lack of traction if left unchecked.

Do yourself a favor and talk to Dave about how he can help you reach the next level. My favorite thing about Dave is he's not some academic filled with business theory and inspirational quotes - he's a seasoned business executive, USMC veteran, and former college athlete with a wealth of real-world experience and a passion for leadership and life-long learning.

Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to know more about how Dave changed my mindset and helped me grow. ~ Josh Lorenz, President at EnCore Permian

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