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David’s Mission

My mission in life is to be the absolute best version of myself so that I can empower and teach people to create the life they love living.

David’s Core Values

I believe in family. – My family comes first in my life each time, every time, all of the time.

I believe in health and fitness – My health, vitality, flexibility, endurance, strength, and agility are central to my life.

I believe in people. – I know that each person is more powerful than any condition or circumstance and can truly live the life of their dreams.

I believe in growth. – By embracing and driving personal change we can grow into our highest and best self in service to others.

I believe in empowerment. – By pursuing growth and learning I empower myself and others to live into their dreams.

I believe in excellence. – We are all empowered with the genius to outperform the expectations we place on ourselves and the expectations of others.

I believe in integrity. – I live what I teach. I deliver what I promise.

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