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What is an Advance? The opposite of Retreat, which connotes going backwards. I like moving forward.

A few of you may know I conduct these two day  from time to time. It is somewhat like my Becoming The Change Vision Workshop except that we are very specific as to working on your goals and dreams. If you did not know I do these that is because up until now I have never “advertised” this part of my work.

This is for one person, maybe two such as a couple, with me in a guided visioning for up to two days. My wife, Candy calls this a couch trip because it is held at our home in Scottsdale, AZ and you sit on the couch.

Restrictions and qualifications apply. That means we will talk first before either one of us commit to this. You are receiving this possibility of attending my guided personal vision advance because we have worked together in the past and you know me, the work I do, and have a sense of my expectation for you in the work we will do together in this Advance.

Your job: Bring your vision, dream, and goals and bring to bear your Six Mental Faculties of Imagination, Intuition, Perception, Will, Memory, and Reason, in an intentional and purposeful setting as to what it is you would truly love for life, business, health, relationships, time, and money-freedom and do so in a relaxing and peaceful environment,

Get yourself to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) by a certain time. We’ll talk about arrival and departure times and customize our time together. Bring a journal or something to write on and something to write with. Wear comfortable clothes for when we are working, a little bit nicer clothes for dining, and swimming attire if you choose to take a dip in my pool. Short walks or hikes are really nice in this desert environment.

My job: I will or will arrange to pick you up at PHX and bring you to my home in North Scottsdale, about 40 miles north of PHX for two days of intentional and purposeful work on your dreams, vision, goals, objectives, projects, etc. I will also get you back to PHX in plenty of time for your flight home.

That is the quick flyover. Call or email me and we can talk more as to how this works. Come join me in Scottsdale! Let’s do this.

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