David began his banking career in 1981 in Andrews, Texas after serving for five years as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Leaving the bank in Andrews in 1991 and then for the next 25 years, David helped Happy State Bank grow from a two location company of $20 million in total assets to its 35 locations in 24 communities and nearly $3 billion in total assets and is now the 18th largest bank in Texas. He has also been the team lead on 9 different bank mergers and acquisitions specializing in bringing the resources together needed for the compassionate takeover of another company and to introduce and mentor the new and recently acquired employees and teammates into the culture of Happy State Bank.

His bank operations experience of over 30 years covers the spectrum of bank operations, investments, asset-liability management, interest rate risk, enterprise risk management, credit administration, mortgage lending operations, information technology, corporate trust, wealth management, human resources, accounting, facilities management, regulatory compliance and audit.

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