No More Excuses Part 2 of 5 - The Second Accountability

No More Excuses Part 2 Of 5
The Second Accountability



How many times have you heard somebody say “we're not holding our people accountable” or “we need to hold them accountable”?

Yeah, I've heard it too. And unfortunately, I've actually said it.

I have been in leadership and leadership development for over 44 years and I have found that accountability is that one thing that we very often want for other people, but we seldom if ever actually want it for ourselves.

That's why I have created a series of five short videos to explain the Five Accountabilities that Sam Silverstein speaks about in his book, No More Excuses – The Five Accountabilities for Personal and Organizational Growth.

This is part two of this series and the Second Accountability is what Sam calls Managing Your Space. Managing your space means that you are accountable for creating space for new ideas, initiatives, and projects.

When I talk about that with my own clients, and Sam even addresses this in the book, this is something that people often find to be something new and innovative, at least at first anyway.

They find it to be something unique or something new.

However, what Sam points out in the book is that highly successful people have actually been holding themselves accountable for managing their space for a long time.

In other words. They’ve gotten really good at adding by subtracting. I think they really just didn't have a term for it. Now, thanks to Sam, we can now call it managing your space.

What I love about this book, and the Second Accountability, is the part that Sam calls A Lesson from The Plaid Sport Coat.

Sam and his family love snow skiing. Several years ago, on one of their skiing expeditions, Sam explains how he found the perfect ski jacket for himself. He was really proud of that new ski jacket.

After they got home, Sam went to put that new ski jacket in his closet only to discover that his closet was really full. There were coats and blazers and jackets of all kinds and colors in his closet, including an old plaid sport coat that he hadn't worn for years. He didn't have room for his ski jacket.

So, Sam went through them all and threw away, sold, or donated those jackets and blazers that were in the way of his new ski jacket, including his coveted plaid sport coat. He created space in that closet for his new ski jacket.

Then Sam writes about something that Apple Computers did to create space for new ideas and projects.

Apple Computers has a stated business objective that they would rather make themselves obsolete rather than let the competition do it for them. I

n a surprise move, many years ago as they were making their come back under Steve Jobs, they abruptly pulled off the market and stopped production of their number one selling product…the thing that was their top revenue generator.

Apple actually dropped the iPod Mini and replaced it totally with the iPod Nano. The result, and what it really did for them, was to actually increase their sales and revenue over what they would have made selling both.

What Apple did was shocking at first, but it translates over into my world of coaching my clients, and what Sam specifically addresses in the book…and that is;

When you manage your space, you are also expanding your accountability zone.

Apple was accountable for making themselves, or something in their company, obsolete before the competition did it for them.

When you manage your space, you are accountable for creating space for new ideas, initiatives, and projects.

The question I'll leave you with now is this...

What is the plaid sport coat in your life? What is the plaid sport coat in your business, which  needs to go away now, to make room for a new strategic intent, a new initiative, a new project that expands your accountability zone and your results?

So, there it is. The Second Accountability – Managing Your Space

Next up is the Third Accountability.

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Live Today Well!

David Norris

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