No More Excuses Part 1 of 5 - The First Accountability

No More Excuses Part 1 of 5
The First Accountability

Did you know that accountability is the most difficult word in the English language?

It is.

I learned that recently from my friend Sam Silverstein, the author of No More Excuses -- The Five Accountabilities for Personal and Organizational Growth. Sam speaks and teaches around the world and has yet to find another language from Spanish to Arabic and many, many other languages that the word accountability directly translates into that other language.

Other languages translate accountability into their word for responsibility, Now, responsibility and accountability are cousins, but they are two very different things.

Here’s the difference…We are responsible for things. However, we are accountable to people. We are accountable for keeping our commitments to people.

I have been in leadership and leadership development for over 44 years and I have found that accountability is that one thing that we very often want for other people but we seldom if ever actually want it for ourselves.

That's why I have created a series of five short videos and this blog series to explain the Five Accountabilities that Sam Silverstein speaks about in his book, No More Excuses.

The First Accountability is what Sam calls Doing the Right Things and he writes that when you are doing the right things you are accountable to yourself (and others) for understanding and identifying your strategic intent and the activities that support it.

Let me reiterate that…You are accountable for understanding and identifying your strategic intent and the activities that support it.

Now, what is strategic intent?

Strategic intent is simply that goal…that objective…that purpose…that passion…that sacred sacrifice you are willing to make…that thing in your life…that dream…that you are motivated to pursue at a level of excellence.

Sam points out that if you're really not pursuing what I call your “IT”, whatever it is, at a level of excellence, then you're really not pursuing it at all.

To pursue your goal at a level of excellence, you are accountable for identifying the activities that are in direct support of that strategic intent. You're accountable for identifying the tactics and focusing on those tactics and pursuing your strategic intent by deploying the activities and supporting the tactics that keep you going and in accountability.

Now, you've heard me say many times that what you focus on expands.

So, focusing on those activities and focusing on those tactics will keep you in accountability. Failure to focus will create a void and a million other distractions will actually fill that gap and, therefore, you're not in excellence and you're not pursuing your strategic intent.

So, there it is. There's the First Accountability -- Doing the Right Things.

Next up is the Second Accountability.

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And, yes, accountability is actually one of those things.

Live Today Well!

David Norris

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