Expectation Alone Isn’t Enough

This Greek soldier and philosopher, Archilochus, said that over 2,600 years ago and is still true today. I believe one can include practices, paradigms, habits, etc., in that. Whatever level of our training, practices, thinking, habits, we fall to that.

Success in business, career, vocation, health, relationships, time, money, freedom, and LIFE, is something in which we all have expectations. However, success is not based on simply having expectations, luck, talent, education, ability, upbringing, or history.

Success is found in your practices, habits, rituals, thinking, determination, drive, and yes, your training.  Success comes in daily, consistent, repetitive training and learning.  When a person is so well trained and practiced for success, both mentally and physically, in whatever endeavor chosen, he or she keeps moving and remains undeterred by obstacles, conditions, circumstances, and failures.  This is because they are trained to keep going. Their training helps them hold the image of the resultant end goal of success.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. ~ Earl Nightingale

When we are celebrating highly successful and accomplished people, we often forget about what they have practiced and trained for privately for many years.

What are you practicing for success?

What is your training plan for success?

What is your daily agenda?

What do you want to accomplish?

What are you willing to give or sacrifice for it?

What would you love?

Here is a sad truth. Your talent, skills, and education are not enough.

Most people will not even consider training or changing unless it is easy, convenient, or free and most often, still will not achieve any success because they will not invest in themselves nor submit themselves to training to make some changes in their lives.

There is no App for this. No book, Internet site, or any amount of free Googleable information will ever replace a skilled master like me. Experienced support from a human being is the most valuable thing I have to offer.

It is your choice. It is only when your level of training rises that you close the gap between the expectation of success and success itself.

Your first step is to book a short strategy session with me, during which we’ll explore your expectations, see what thinking is keeping you from moving in the direction of your dreams and work on training your mind to turn those worthy ideals into reality.

To get started, just send me an email at or call me at 806-679-9326.

About the author:

David Norris is a leadership development and personal growth coach for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and men and women who seek to up-level themselves, their businesses, their lives, and the lives of the people around them. David has dedicated his life to empowering and teaching people to be better leaders and better human beings.  David is co-author of the international best-selling book The Change 7- Insights Into Self-Empowerment, and he can be contacted by email at, or through his website at

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