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David Norris is a banker, Rotarian, “outlaw” biker, and served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps.  He has extensive experience in leadership positions in both banking and Rotary and served Rotary as a District Governor and as a Rotary International Coordinator responsible for developing Rotary leaders for growing Rotary membership. 

Formerly, Happy State Bank’s Chief Operating Officer, David’s bank operations experience of 35 years covers the spectrum of bank operations, investments, asset-liability management, interest rate risk, enterprise risk management, balance sheet management, loan operations and administration, mortgage lending operations, information technology, corporate trust, wealth management, human resources, accounting, facilities management, regulatory compliance and audit. 

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David's passions: "It's good to be me"


David is married to Candace and has been for 40 years. Candace is a teacher, an attorney, a professional quilter, and owner of Quilted Bliss. Having studied with Paul Martinelli for many years, Candace and David are Founding Members of the John Maxwell Team and are Certified Leadership Trainers and Coaches... Read More


He has extensive experience in leadership positions in both banking and Rotary International. He has served Rotary as the District 5730 Governor in 2011-2012 and appointed by the President of Rotary International served as Rotary Coordinator in 2013-2016 for Zones 21b and Zone 27... Read More


David is an avid motorcycle rider having wheels on the ground in all states west of the Mississippi River. He is a long time member of Marines MC, a motorcycle club comprised solely of honorably discharged Marines that ride American make iron... Read More


David began his banking career in 1981 in Andrews, Texas after serving for five years as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. Leaving the bank in Andrews in 1991 and then for the next 25 years, David helped Happy State Bank grow from a two location company of $20 million in total assets to... Read More


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