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Work 1:1 with David Norris

What I have learned about success and significance and transformation is that it takes two things. The first is intentional growth through study. That comes from reading books, coming to workshops and seminars, and enrolling in my course in Life Mastery.

The second thing is evaluated experience through applied action. It is incorrectly thought that experience is the best teacher. Evaluated experience is the best teacher. This is where one on one coaching comes in.

The primary goal of working with me as your coach is to help you objectively see where you are and where you need or want to be in your business, vocation, relationships, health and what I call time and money-freedom and then develop a plan to get there. While moving from point A to point B may simple and straightforward enough, it is my experience that it is rarely simple nor straightforward.

Choosing what matters to you is the hardest work you will do. Choices have consequences and many of those consequences are unexpected. Most people, including entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate executives, do not choose what matters most to them because they do not have a system and structure of support around them to assess those choices and consequences so they most often default to the choice that seems safest. This lack of a system of support in service of their dreams, goals, and objectives also often leads to a life of stress at the expense of their health and relationships. As your coach, I will help you construct a framework to grow and change your thinking around consistently and consciously choosing what matters most to you and then use processes and tools that I know work to help you get to your own heart and soul and come from your dream of what matters most to you.

Because I want to ensure that I can bring maximum value to you as your coach, and because of the investment you are making in yourself, we will do some talking before we engage with each other.

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